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Rise Garden has implemented the latest technology in aeroponic gardening to further enrich its produce for the best flavor, texture, and nutritious qualities for its customers. By enhancing certain exterior environmental qualities into a more advantageous indoor growing environment that each plant species desires, Rise Garden can guarantee the cleanest, healthiest produce.

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Come to the RISE Marketplace
Tuesday thru Friday 2PM – 6PM
RISE Marketplace is located to the north of the Pantry.
Look for the Rise Garden truck parked in front of the entrance.
948 N 1300 W, St George, UT 84770

  1. Tell Your Family & Friends About Us:
    Share our website & social media:
  2. Volunteer:
    Rise Garden is a controlled environment garden and the more sterile we can keep it the less we have to worry about pests, fungus & plant disease. We are looking for regular dependable volunteers that are willing to be trained to assist in the care of the plants, the towers, the greenhouse and with harvesting.
  3. Tax Deductible Cash Donations:
    Any amount is welcome and appreciated as a single or recurring donation.
    Donations earmarked to the garden will be used to help cover unforeseen operating expenses, grant loan repayment and as we prove the model here, with the start-up cost of eventual expansion to other locations
  4. Purchase Your Leafy Greens From Us.

Our prices are based on the product being picked up at the Market at posted times. If you need us to deliver, contact us to discuss pricing.

To ensure the freshest produce at the lowest cost, all purchases are made or picked up at the Switchpoint campus conference room between 4pm – 6pm on Wednesdays or 9am to 11am on Saturdays, except on Holidays.

Look for the Rise Garden truck, it will be parked in front of the pickup area on the front lower level of the Switchpoint building at 948 N. 1300 W. St. George, UT 84770

All purchase options have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Due to the sensitive nature and temperature of the Rise Garden greenhouse, a scheduled tour is required.
Tours are held on Saturday’s, 9:30am or 10:15am, last 30 minutes and are limited to 15 people. Cost per person is only $10!
Check in for your tour at the Switchpoint Community Room where the market is being held. Please do not go to the greenhouse without checking in.
Schedule your tour time slot here

100% customer satisfaction is our #1 goal at Rise Garden; however, we do not take returns. Please inspect your order at pickup and if it is not in the condition anticipated, let us know then. If you discover it after leaving, please contact us.

At this time, organic certification is extremely difficult to obtain and maintain, especially for a soilless farm. Some call our process ‘beyond organic’ as we do not contribute to the carbon footprint, we do not utilize any form of chemical pesticides and we source seeds from the nation’s top organic and non-GMO seed vendors.

Only the purest earth minerals are used thus allowing us to deliver all necessary & essential nutrients straight to the roots, resulting in a healthier plant growth and a superior crop yield. This comparative published nutrient studies give irrefutable scientific proof that whether referring to essential nutrients, flavonoids, or antioxidants, an aeroponic crop ranks between 15% to 65% higher than anything grown in the soil using conventional farming methods.

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Our greens should be kept covered and refrigerated at between 36°F and 38°F to avoid drastic changes and preserve freshness. 

If properly cared for most greens, especially those with roots still attached, stay fresh for 2-3 weeks.

You read that right; when fully operational, we will have 145 44 port towers (6380 for full-headed plants) & 15 130 port towers (1950 for baby greens), producing 8330 plants approximately every four weeks, which equates to 108,290 plants a year. Of those 8330 plants, 20% are being used for Switchpoint clients, and the remaining 6,664 plants will be sold to the community, which equates to 1,666 per week.

Our local population of 90,000 has an average family size of 3, equaling 30,000 households.
Based on the experience of other growers, a household of 3, on average, will use one pound of greens a week.

The average weight of the greens is 5 ounces which equates to around four plants per pound. 1,666/4 = 417.
So we need 417 households (less than 2% of our local households) to purchase a bag of our greens weekly to sell out. We have a large population of 2 member senior couple households, so we may need 3-4% to sell out.

As word gets out about our clean chemical free ecological-friendly growing method and the resulting quality & taste, we’re sure we’ll have a waiting list of customers and will need to expand to meet the demand.

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