Mission Driven Community Supported Agriculture

Our FOUR-FOLD Mission

Positive Impact

Address food inequities by making a positive impact on marginalized communities through socially impactful farming operations.

Buy = Give

A micro enterprise selling leafy greens to our local community where 20% of every consumer purchase goes towards making mission #1 possible. For every 4 heads of greens purchased by the public, 1 is fed to the needy.

ZERO Waste

A “ZERO WASTE” mentality and way of farming that is extremely conscious about the amount of water and resources used and recycled.


Job opportunities, greenhouse tours, providing educational & training for our clients & community.


Our Story

Switchpoint Garden’s story starts with Switchpoint’s Mission to empower those in need by addressing the underlying cause of poverty; providing a comprehensive plan, supporting their journey to self-sufficiency. Learn more about Switchpoint at www.SwitchpointCRC.Org 

Nutrition – A Barrier to Self-sufficiency: 

Our homeless resource center clients, living in poverty, find themselves regularly dining on dollar menu items and inexpensive nutrient absent foods resulting in neurological behavioral disabilities & nutrition-related health issues which are a barrier to becoming self-sufficient. Purchasing high quality nutrient dense greens that would contribute to their health has not been an option because of cost and availability.  

Our Shared Community Challenge:

Our local supply of farmland and fresh water in Southern Utah is growing scarcer as our population soars. Without pursuing more efficient and sustainable farming methods we are at high risk of facing food and water shortages. Even our local community members that can afford quality produce must deal with the fact that we live in a food desert where most of our produce arrives at supermarkets 5-7 days after harvest, having traveled 100’s of miles, losing vital nutrition and freshness along the way. The demand for “locally grown” far exceeds supply as 97% of the produce we consume annually is imported from out of state.

High Startup Cost Barrier Resolved:

With its innovative approach to all the barriers faced, Switchpoint presented its well-researched and documented solution to The Community Foundation of Utah. In early 2021 Switchpoint was awarded a grant to help purchase the materials needed to construct an Aeroponic Tower Garden Farm on our existing campus, removing startup cost as a barrier.

Covering Ongoing Operating Cost: 

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
A CSA is unique in that the consumers choose to share in the farm experience.

As Community Support is vital to cover ongoing operating expenses, 80% of each harvest will be offered for community purchase, making it possible for 20% to be used to feed our resource center clients.

Switchpoint "Aeroponic Tower” Garden Advantages

Year-round fresh nutrient rich, hyper-local, non-GMO, chemical pesticide and manure free leafy greens grown in St George, UT. One hundred percent of the leafy greens come straight from our towers to you. 
– Our leafy greens are grown locally, picked at the height of freshness, and available to you within hours of harvest. It’s the next best thing to growing it yourself.
– Greenhouse growing elevates healthy plant growth and minimizes risks by allowing control over everything in and around the greens, (weather, pests, disease, etc.).
– Organic does not equal pesticide-free. Organic greens can (and do!) use pesticides. Sometimes they are natural, sometimes they are not. At Switchpoint Garden, we do not use chemical pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, or fungicides in our greenhouses. Growing, harvesting, and packing indoors allows for the highest level of control over pests and disease.
– Our process is simple. We start with non-GMO seeds, add water, nutrients, and the power of sunshine – and voila! Perfect leafy greens.
– Some greens will be sold with roots attached. The living produce will stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to 2 to 3 weeks.
– No having to sort through bulk purchases to discard discolored, disfigured or rotten produce as it’s fresh & vibrant when picked up.
You are leading the way in a local movement of supporting the less fortunate in our community. Our goal is to bring awareness and education of the importance of growing locally and the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle to our resource center clients and community.
Value for Money
When you buy your produce at the grocery store, in most cases it is not living food with the roots intact for longer life. With Switchpoint Garden, living food from our towers is exactly what you get at competitive prices. You can be confident in knowing you are getting great value for your money. 
Only the purest earth minerals are used thus allowing us to deliver all necessary & essential nutrients straight to the roots, resulting in healthier plant growth and a superior crop yield. Comparative published nutrient studies give irrefutable scientific proof that whether referring to essential nutrients, flavonoids, or antioxidants, an aeroponic crop ranks between 15% to 65% higher than anything grown in the soil using conventional farming methods.

We are conserving water, land and creating minimal carbon footprint. It is as local as you can get. Our aeroponic technology uses up to 95% less water than conventional farming while requiring 75% to 90% less space! Our 100% natural agricultural approach ranks amongst one of the most eco-friendly food production systems, yet delivers 10 times the yield (in one harvest) compared to traditional farming. Harvesting happens every 25-30 days.

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