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For every 4 heads of greens you purchase, 1 head is fed to those in need

Marketplace hours:
Tuesday – Friday from 2pm – 6pm

RISE Market is held in the NEW market building located North of the Pantry.
Look for the Rise Garden truck parked in front of the entrance.
948 N 1300 W, St George, UT 84770

Rediscover and Share With Your Family How Fresh Produce Should Taste


Due to the sensitive nature and temperature of the Rise Garden greehouse, a scheduled tour is required.
Tours are held on Rise Market days and cost $10 per person.

Growing great tasting, nutrient rich, leafy greens year-round through Community Supported Agriculture
For every 4 heads of greens you purchase, 1 head is fed to those in need
Land Usage

Versus Traditional Farming

Water Usage

Versus Traditional Farming

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Yield In One Harvest

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Why Aeroponic Tower Gardening?

Our local supply of farmland and fresh water in Southern Utah is growing scarcer as our population soars. Without pursuing more efficient and sustainable farming methods we are at high risk of facing food and water shortages. Even our local community members that can afford quality produce must deal with the fact that we live in a food desert where most of our produce arrives at supermarkets 5-7 days after harvest, having traveled 100s of miles, losing vital nutrition and freshness along the way. The demand for “locally grown” far exceeds supply as 97% of the produce we consume annually is imported from out of state.

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